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Τurkish President’s advisor makes deadly threats against US and Greece

Τurkish President's advisor makes deadly threats against Greece - GEOPOLITIKI.COM

Mesut Hakki Casin, Τurkish President’s advisor, who has claimed before that he will occupy Alexandroupolis and will shoot a Greek pilot in the middle of his head, threatens Greece once more. This time, however, a pilot is not enough for him, and instead he decided to threaten the whole country, telling on air of a Turkey’s state-run TV channel that Turkey will cut off the heads of the Greek people.

“We renew our offer to America. I’m telling you from here. This June (NATO Summit) meeting is the last chance for our beloved ally, America. Secondly, we can resolve the S-400 (Russian missiles Turkey purchased) via negotiation. We are preparing for Biden-led NATO summit. The world needs to halt Israel’s oppression.” Erdogan’s advisor said, adding:

“I can say this: O Turk! Be proud, work hard and trust. It won’t matter what others do. We are the rooster of this region. We are ready to cut off the heads of those who will challenge us. It won’t make any difference how many weapons they give to Greeks.


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