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56 Turkish soldiers were dismissed after being mistreated in Libya


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The Turkish Armed Forces have dismissed 56 non-commissioned officers serving in Libya after filing a collective complaint against their superiors, effectively claiming that they have become slaves to Libyan soldiers.

56 Turkish army soldiers filed a collective complaint to the Communications Directorate of the Turkish Presidency, claiming that they had suffered psychological and physical harassment from their superiors.

The soldiers claimed that they had even been assigned to collect garbage and dirt from the barracks of Libyan soldiers who often even mocked them.

Those Turkish army members were investigated and dismissed by the Turkish Armed Forces. They are also said to be the subject of a criminal investigation, according to a report in the Turkish edition of Deutsche Welle.

According to Deutsche Welle, a Turkish officer allegedly said to one of the Turkish soldiers during a meeting:

turkish army photo
Turkish soldier Photo by avramdeluxe 56 Turkish soldiers were dismissed after being mistreated in Libya

“You do not deserve your pay. The Turkish Armed Forces easily dismissed even Turkish generals. You are weak in comparison. You can tell about me to anyone. I have been in Legal Affairs for nine years. It would take me five minutes to fire you all. “There are thousands waiting outside to take your place.” “I will take this rank off my shoulder if I can not make this place hell for you,” said the Turkish officer.

The 56 Turkish soldiers in Libya were expelled from the Turkish army on December 9 after their protest and since then a judicial investigation is underway against them, for disturbing the “harmony” of the Turkish army.

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