A misunderstanding almost led to a war between Iran & Afghanistan

Violent clashes erupted on Wednesday afternoon between Iranian border guards and Taliban members near Nimruz province, according to Iran’s news website Tansimnews.

The misunderstanding that almost resulted in a full-scale war in the region occurred when Iranian farmers crossed the walls that Iran had constructed on the border between Iran and Afghanistan to deter illegal immigration, but Taliban fighters mistook them for an invasion even though they were within Iran’s borders.

In response, the Taliban opened fire on farmers, prompting Iranian forces in the area, who had been reinforced by two brigades, to engage in a heavy exchange of fire with the Taliban.

Photo by Al Jazeera English

According to an Iranian official who talked to Tansimnews, reports that the Taliban had taken over Iranian border posts were based on fake news and videos that were filmed in the early stages of the fight.

The official emphasized that a few hours later the problem had been resolved and that there was a dialogue between the Taliban and the Iranians to fix the misunderstanding that had occurred. It is not clear if there were any dead or injured as a result of the fighting.

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