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Afghanistan: US equipment worth $7 billion is still in the hands of the Taliban

PHOTO: @ReB via Twenty20

According to a report by the US Department of Defense, which was ordered by Congress and published first in CNN, about $ 7 billion in military equipment was acquired by the Taliban after the US withdrawal from Afghanistan.

Photo by @henrydavin (Twenty photos)

In particular, US military equipment sent to Afghanistan failed to properly assess the operational situation and left the country rapidly, arming by mistake the Taliban forces.

According to the study, which was presented to Congress, the US Defense Ministry has no intention of returning to Afghanistan in order to “save or destroy” the equipment.

According to a report by CNN, the United States provided the Afghan National Defense and Security Forces (ANDSF) with equipment worth a total of $ 18.6 billion between 2005 and August 2021.

Photo by Al Jazeera English, CC BY-SA 2.0

After the completion of the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan on August 30, 2021, $ 7.12 billion worth of equipment remained in the country.

According to the US Department of Defense, the equipment left in Afghanistan includes airplanes, military vehicles such as M1117, weapons, communication equipment, and other military means.

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