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ARMENIA SHOT DOWN AZERI UAVs: Escalation in the Caucasus

destroying azeri uavs escalation by fire in armenia e

According to information from Armenian Ministry of Defense, two Azerbaijani UAVs were shot down last night by the Armenian air defense in the Gegharkunik region on the Armenian-Azerbaijani border.

The Armenian Ministry of Defense later published photos with the wreckage of an Israeli-made regular UAV Aerostar ID, which was reportedly located 3.5 kilometers north of the village of Gegharkunik in Vanevan. The drone was shot down last night around 11 p.m.

“Late this morning, Azerbaijan continued its provocations by opening fire on Armenian positions in the direction of Gerash on the border with Armenia and the Nakhichevan enclave”

Armenian MoD stated

In recent days, the situation on the border between Armenia and Azerbaijan has fueled up again, with night battles two days ago which ended after a Russian intervention that led to a ceasefire, which so far Azerbaijan does not seem willing to maintain.



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