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The Bulgarian army is looking for new armored vehicles

As of February 2019, the Bulgarian Ministry of Defense announced that the purchase of 150 new wheeled armored vehicles for the country's mechanized brigade...

KOSOVO banned entry of citizens with Serbian passports!

"Entries and exits between Kosovo and Serbia will be made only with ID cards," RTK reported citing government officials. According to the Kosovan authorities the...

USS Porter DDG78 setting course for Black Sea

The Arleigh Burke-class AEGIS guided-missile destroyer USS Porter DDG78, forward-deployed to Rota, transits the Bosphorus toward the Black Sea on its seventh patrol in...

Thousands of anti-government protesters continue to flood the Romanian capital

Thousands of anti-government demonstrators continue to swarm the Romanian capital, shouting "PSD is the red plague" and referring to the government as "criminals" and...

In Gaza, four-armed Palestinians were killed by the Israeli army.

Israeli army claimed responsibility for the deaths of four heavily armed Palestinians who attempted to cross the Gaza border and throw a grenade at...

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