“BAYRAKTAR TB2 IS BETTER THAN THE F35” – Norwegian expert


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Norwegian foreign policy expert and member of the Nobel Prize Committee, Asle Toje, stressed the high cost of the F35 fighter jet and said that the whole project is in a “crisis of confidence” by its customers.

On the other hand, he stated that a large number of Bayraktar TB2s cost as much as an F35 and stated that the Bayraktar TB2 “destroyed the Armenian air defense” and therefore are worth more.

Toje said the F35 was facing a major “confidence crisis” and said the fighter had been criticized by several senior officials, including the former deputy secretary of defense and chairman of the congressional defense committee.

The Expert we think that forgot to point out that the Bayraktar TB2 was fighting against an outdated air defense & that Armenia did not have an airforce to shoot down the slow-moving Bayraktar.

Although the F35 has a high cost, it has a completely different use from the Bayraktar TB2 and its main role is to penetrate the enemy air defense without being detected, being able to launch missiles with a range of up to 1000 kilometers.

In conclusion, Bayraktar can operate where the air defense systems are mostly obsolete & there is not the slightest sample of Air Force.

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