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BREAKING: Erdogan threatens Israel as strikes on Gaza continue

BREAKING: Erdogan threatens Israel as strikes on Gaza continue - GEOPOLITIKI.COM

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has launched an attack on Israel that is expected to blow up relations between the two states altogether:

“We are saddened and angry at the atrocities of Israel, the state of terror, the power of which is directed towards innocent children, women and oppressed. Turkey’s stance on this issue has compared principles.”

“Those who embrace the bloodshed caused by Israel remaining silent or openly supporting them should know that one day it will be their turn. Resisting Israel’s aggression in Palestinian cities and Jerusalem is a duty of honour to all mankind.”

Regarding the Israeli attacks, President Erdogan says Turkey is ready to actively support any UN initiative and take responsibility for peace and adds:

“We call on every state and every institution, regardless of their beliefs and roots, to act as soon as possible. If the Organisation for Islamic Cooperation (OIC) does not immediately take a specific stance, it will deny its existence

Turkey will not remain silent on Israeli attacks in Palestine, even if the whole world ignores it,” Erdogan’s statement concludes.


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