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BREAKING: Kurds Released Footage Of Drone Strike Against Turkish Base


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The Kurds of PKK used again drones to drop grenade ammunition against a Turkish Army position in northern Iraq where Turkey has camped to get in strike distance against PKK hideouts in Avasin regions.

The Kurdish Drone seems to escape without a scratch but the drone strike seems also didn’t make any noticeable damage on the video the PKK released on Gerilla TV.


PKK also released a statement:

“Our Martyr Delal Amed Air Defense Force carried out a successful action at 18:45 on April 29th against the military base of the invading Turkish state in Kani Masi district of Amediye district of Bashija Kurdistan. In this action, the invaders at the base were bombed from the air, the targets were hit with full accuracy, and the action was successfully carried out.”

We remind you that Turkish General Staff also announced today the continuance of the operation against PKK Kurdish organization in North Iraq & published videos from the battles announcing that:

“As a result of the coordinated work of our Turkish Armed Forces and the National Intelligence Organization, 8 PKK terrorists detected in the Gara region in the north of Iraq were neutralized by the successful air operation of our Air Force.”

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