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Breaking news: Taiwan’s F-16V Fighter jet crashed


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An Taiwan’s F-16V fighter jet crashed in the afternoon during bombing training at the Chiayi county, and a search and rescue operation is already underway by the Taiwan coast guard and the airforce.

Taiwan’s F-16V Fighter jet Taiwan Photo by Taiwan Presidential Office

“On January 11, the air force command of the Ministry of National Defense of Taiwan confirmed that the F-16 (aircraft number 6650) of the Chiayi military base took off at 14:55 pm (Taiwan Time) by the flight officer Chen YI to carry out routine training tasks, and at 15:26 his F-16V disappeared from the radar screens, the air force has set up a response centre to carry out search and rescue operations.” said the announcement by Taiwan’s Central News Agency.

Taiwan’s President Tsai ing-wen also directed rescuers to prioritize their efforts and make every effort to complete search and rescue tasks, and further investigate the cause of the accident with Taiwan’s F-16V Fighter jet.

She also stated, “I hope that everyone in Taiwan will cheer after the search and rescue operations are completed and that good news will arrive soon.”

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