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BREAKING: The United States admitted that killed civilians in Kabul

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The U.S. General Mckenzie, head of the US Central Command, announced something quite unexpected just now about the operation of an armed U.S. UAV against terrorists in Kabul airport on August 29th.

Specifically, Mckenzie after the rumors of the last few days admitted that no ISIS-K terrorists were killed in the U.S. drone attack in Kabul on August 29th, but the result of that attack was 10 civilians being killed in a Toyota vehicle, including 7 children.

General Mckenzie made it clear that no disciplinary action is expected as the U.S. military relied on specific information that led to the accidental attack by the armed UAV just a few days before the United States officially withdrew from Kabul.

We remind that when the attack took place last month, the United States had denied that there were any casualties among civilians.

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