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BREAKING: Turkey signed deal with South Korea for Altay key-parts

Turkish defense company BMC signs agreements with South Korean companies to acquire the engine for Turkish domestic Altay tank

More specifically, as we had reported earlier on Turkish defence company BMC has signed agreements with two South Korean companies to build key spare parts for the Turkish domestic Altay tank that has been in development for years, Defense News reports.

BMC signed agreements with Doosan and S&T Dynamics for the engine and transmission system.

The agreements are “the result of a strategic understanding between our companies and countries”,a BMC official told Defence News.

Turkey has been seeking in recent years to increase domestic production of weapons systems so that it does not depend on other states as it has been formally imposed as well as informal embargoes and restrictions by various countries.

Altay, which was first designed in the 1990s and restarted in 2018, is set to be Turkey’s first domestically produced tank but faced repeated obstacles.

Turkey had agreed to procure these parts of Altay from German companies, whose export was cancelled due to Turkey’s invasion of Syria.


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