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China responded to the US by sending aircraft carrier to Taiwan

Beijing sent the Shandong aircraft carrier on a voyage through the Taiwan Strait a day after a U.S. destroyer crossed the passage, angering China.

The aircraft carrier sailed through the Strait of Taiwan, Liu Wensheng, a spokesman for the Chinese Navy, said on Monday.

The spokesman said the aircraft carrier was conducting “interregional maneuver training as part of our normal arrangements,” adding that further drills would be organized in the future in line with “Beijing training needs.”

Taiwan’s Ministry of Defense said six warships and eight aircraft had been sent to closely monitor the movements of the aircraft carrier Shandong. Officials stressed that the Taiwanese army is capable of protecting the island nation.

Zhang Chunhui, a spokesperson for the Chinese military, described the Mustin’s trip as a “selfish strategy” to “use Taiwan as a chess piece.”

Taipei, meanwhile, has begun plans to build submarines and patrol boats to deal with China’s growing activity in the region.

Taiwan has also entered into agreements with the United States on the purchase of fighter jets and anti-ship missiles. Taiwanese officials said the re-equipment was necessary to ensure the protection of the island. China has insisted that the agreements with the United States violate the “One-China” policy and only lead to further escalation.


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