China’s Shandong Aircraft carrier “against” the USS Nimitz carrier strike group

At a time when tensions are building between China and the United States over Taiwan, the Chinese aircraft carrier Shandong was reportedly spotted in the same region as an American aircraft carrier. This was reported by the Global Times.

In the South China Sea, the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) Navy’s Shandong aircraft carrier battle group participated in exercises that appear to be a response to the presence of the US aircraft carrier NIMITZ strike group.

In a statement released on Saturday, the People’s Liberation Army Navy said that the Shandong aircraft carrier battle group has started readiness exercises in the area.

During the Chinese exercise, J-15 fighters took off from the aircraft carrier to practice air superiority missions in an attempt to send a message to the United States.

The US NAVY, for its part, issued a statement indicating the presence of the carrier strike group in the area, stating:

“The Nimitz Carrier Strike Group has the capability to deliver integrated lethal and non-lethal effects from space to undersea, across every axis, and every domain,” said Rear Adm. Christopher Sweeney, commander, Carrier Strike Group (CSG) 11.

“Our Sailors’ tenacity and warfighting prowess are unmatched and a testimony to our country’s determination to work alongside our Allies and partners to maintain free and open seas.”

Following warnings from the US about Chinese threats to invade Taiwan, tension between China and the US has generally been steadily rising.

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