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China’s testing of new type missile warheads

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China's testing of new type missile warheads - GEOPOLITIKI.COM

According to China Central Television, missiles with a new type of conventional warhead were launched by the People’s Liberation Army during exercises.

The broadcaster reported that the first non-nuclear missile brigade of the PLA’s missile forces recently dealt with harsh environmental conditions and complex electromagnetic interference, quickly responded to missions in the desert in the northwest of the country, and successfully launched two new missiles.

The missiles accurately hit targets at a hundreds of kilometers distance, effectively destroying the facilities of the supposed enemy.

It is worth mentioning that the successful testing has expanded the types of new warheads for missile forces, and increased the capabilities of missiles with a conventional warhead for a high-precision multi-mode attack, the destruction of communications centers, the integration of anti-jamming systems, and the destruction of the enemy.

The Chinese TV channel did not reveal the name or any characteristics of these missiles.



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