Clashes in Idlib: The Syrian Arab Army repelled an attack

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Clashes in Idlib: The Syrian Arab Army repelled an attack - GEOPOLITIKI.COM

Two Syrian soldiers were killed when Turkish-backed Islamist rebels attacked Syrian army positions in Idlib province.

In response, the Syrian Arab Army led by Bashar al-Assad launched a counterattack that killed at least two Islamists.

The incident was announced on Thursday, April 22nd by the head of the Russian Reconciliation Center for Syria, Rear Admiral Alexander Karpov.

“At least two terrorists were killed during the counterattack. Two Syrian soldiers were also killed and another wounded. After the casualties, the militants retreated to the town of Sigkat,” Karpov said.

Earlier, on April 19th, the Russian Armed Forces swept through a terrorist training base near Palmyra, killing at least 200 extreme Islamist militants and destroying about 500 kilograms of ammunition.

Karpov then said that as the presidential election in Syria is underway, armed groups are planning attacks on government offices in major cities in order to destabilize the situation in the country.

Syria’s presidential election will be held on May 26th, so that every citizen of the country can vote, including those on land not controlled by Assad’s army.

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