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Cypriot “OYK” in a joint exercise with the US Navy Seals

Cypriot "OYK" in a joint exercise with the US Navy Seals - GEOPOLITIKI.COM

The Cypriot National Guard sent a message of strength, as Cypriot Underwater Demolition teams participated in a joint exercise with the US Navy Seals. According to an announcement by the General Staff of the Cypriot National Guard:

“An exercise which included the scenario of a recapture of a ship took place today in the port of Limassol, which was attended by the Minister of Defense Mr. Charalambos Petridis, the Commander of the National Guard, Lieutenant General Democritus Zervakis, and the American Ambassador to Cyprus. Judith Garber. ”

The exercise was carried out on the General Support Ship ALASIA which belongs to the force of the Cypriot Navy Command, with the participation of Special Operations Teams of the National Guard and the US Navy SEALS.

During the exercise, technical procedures of boarding and occupying the ship spaces were applied, as well as taking control of the Ship Bridge, personnel management, and threat neutralization.

This exercise is part of the two-week joint training between the Cypriot and American Special forces, which is in progress and is conducted on land and sea of the Republic of Cyprus.

The General Staff of the National Guard also emphasizes that the “objective purpose of the joint training is the further strengthening of interoperability and synergy, the acquisition of a single spirit of cooperation and common techniques and tactical procedures on issues related to Special Operations between the two Units in order to ensure the security and stability in the wider Eastern Mediterranean region. “



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