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Cyprus & Israel conduct joint military exercise “JASON 2/2021”


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The SAR exercise, under the name “JASON 2/2021”, was successfully carried out and is part of the Annual Program of Military Cooperation between the Republic of Cyprus and Israel.

The coordination of the exercise was carried out jointly with the Israeli Air Force (IAF) and was conducted day and night in a large part of the land and airspace of the free territory of Cyprus. 

The scenario included a virtual shooting down of a friendly helicopter in an enemy area, procedures for the survival of pilots on enemy territory, a process of locating and rescuing pilots by a special operations rescue team.

The organization and execution of both this exercise and the corresponding other exercises are the culmination of the stable and upgraded cooperation between the Armed Forces of Cyprus and Israel. The exercise enhances interoperability and proves in practice the excellent relationship between the Armed Forces of the two countries.

With information from National Guard General Staff



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