Breaking: Czech T-72 Tanks and BVP-1 are heading to Ukraine


T-72 tanks and BVP-1 infantry fighting vehicles were sent from the Czech Republic to Ukraine, as a gift, local media reports.

A train carrying five T-72 tanks and five infantry fighting vehicles (BVP-1 / BMP-1) was shown on Czech national television, which first reported the news of the armored vehicles that are transferred to Ukraine in an effort to assist Ukrainian armed forces in the fight against Russia. According to the article in the Czech state-run broadcaster Czech republic had consulted NATO before the move.

The information was also confirmed by Ondrej Benesik, who is the head of the Czech lower house European Affairs Committee. He said he got the information from a government defense source.

Jana Cernochova, the Czech defense minister, informed the Czech parliament that she would not confirm or reject any specifics about Czech assistance to Ukraine due to security concerns.

As Cernochova stated, “I can only guarantee you that the Czech Republic is assisting Ukraine to the greatest extent possible and will continue to assist by (supplying) military weapons, both light and heavy.”

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