Home NEWS DOZENS of Chinese fighter jets violate Taiwan’s ADIZ

DOZENS of Chinese fighter jets violate Taiwan’s ADIZ

DOZENS of Chinese fighter jets violate Taiwan's ADIZ - GEOPOLITIKI.COM

Taiwan’s relations with China have become worse the previous months after the United States invited the island’s ambassador to Joe Biden’s inauguration. China slammed this action resulting in an escalation of tensions.

Beijing has urged outside powers to step back and avoid meddling in the island’s affairs and called on local political forces to stop their “independence rhetoric”.

On Tuesday the Taiwanese Defense Ministry announced that 28 People’s Liberation Army Air Force aircraft, including fighters, maritime strike, and strategic bombers violated Taipei’s Air Defense Identification Zone within 24 hours.

The People’s Republic does not recognise Taipei’s ADIZ and considers Taiwan to be a part of China.

Tuesday’s airspace violation by the Chinese forces came as the United States deployed a carrier strike group in the South China Sea, and amid reports that the Pentagon was considering creating a permanent task force in the Pacific region to “counter China”.



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