Home NEWS Egypt delivered a message to Hamas: “ISRAEL WILL REACT VIOLENTLY”

Egypt delivered a message to Hamas: “ISRAEL WILL REACT VIOLENTLY”

photo source: Times of Israel

Having the role of the mediator between Israel and Gaza, Egypt, according to the Jerusalem Post, delivered an important message to Hamas from Israel on Monday, saying that the continued rocket launches would lead to a “violent reaction” that could even lead to a military operation in the Gaza Strip.

A Lebanese newspaper reported that rockets have been fired from Gaza towards Israel for at least three days in a row, with Israel responding with airstrikes against Hamas positions.

Earlier in the day, rockets were fired by Hamas shortly before Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett traveled to Egypt for a visit that focused on Egyptian mediation efforts for a long-term ceasefire between Israel and Hamas.

This is the first formal, official meeting between leaders of the two countries in more than a decade.



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