Egypt pledge to reconstruct Gaza and stabilize the armistice

The Ambassador of Egypt to Palestine pledged that Egypt will continue contacts with international parties to rebuild Gaza and support efforts to stabilize the truce.

He pointed to Egypt’s initiative to rebuild the collapsed building in Gaza Strip, by beggining removing rubble in preparation for the establishment of projects to relieve the Palestinian people, and stressed that “the Palestinian cause will remain the central issue in the Middle East.”

He indicated during a celebration organized by the Egyptian Embassy in Palestine, on Monday evening, in Ramallah, on the National Day of the Arab Republic, that Cairo will continue its efforts at reconciliation as a priority.

He said: “Work was done on two levels, the first is the launch of the tripartite cooperation formula between the brothers in Egypt, Jordan, and Palestine, with the aim of developing a common vision to deal with the challenges facing the issue, and as a preliminary result, this formula succeeded in the meeting of Arab foreign ministers to renew the unconditional Arab support for the unconditional Palestinian rights and the revival of the Arab Peace Initiative.
He added, “As for the second level, it is pushing towards reviving the peace process at the international level, and working to conduct international contacts within the international determinants, including the Quartet, to achieve peace.”

On the other hand, the Egyptian ambassador stressed the depth of the Egyptian-Palestinian relations, saying that they “most often go beyond what governments can achieve individually, or what traditional diplomatic work can accommodate, as it is a direct and spontaneous relationship between two fused peoples, as is history, geography and common challenges.”

In turn, Palestinian Prime Minister Muhammad Shtayyeh said, “The July Revolution is a turning point in the history of Egypt and the entire Arab region. This revolution raised the values ​​of freedom, social justice, and self-reliance, and enhanced the Egyptian person’s dignity, and supported the production sectors, becoming a model in Africa and the world at large.”

He added: “In the July revolution, we found the Arab commitment to Palestine, and it strengthened the blood bond between the Egyptian people and their national forces and between the Palestinian people and their revolutionary forces. Egypt has a firm position in support of Palestine, its people, its cause, and its leadership.”

He continued: “We are partners with Egypt, in addition to history, the unity of blood, Arabism, and others, in the political solution towards ending the occupation, establishing an independent Palestinian state with Jerusalem as its capital, and the right of return for refugees. We are partners in saying and believing that the Palestinian legitimacy is represented by the Palestine Liberation Organization and its fighting forces, and that tampering with this legitimacy Of the taboos.”

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