Egypt Warns Israel Against Occupation of Philadelphi Corridor, Denies Arms Smuggling Claims


Cairo, Egypt – Diaa Rashwan, head of the Egyptian Intelligence Service, categorically denied Israel’s claims of arms smuggling through the Gaza-Egypt borders in a statement, and warned Israel about the potential occupation of the Philadelphi Corridor. As we have already informed you, Israel intends to effectively control this area to oversee the borders as it did before its withdrawal in 2005.

Rashwan refuted the accusations of Israeli officials, including Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, regarding the illegal transfer of weapons to the Gaza Strip from Egyptian territory.

Emphasizing the need to respect previously signed security agreements and protocols, Rashwan warned that any Israeli action aimed at controlling this corridor could exacerbate regional tensions and further threaten the stability of the area, as this narrow 14-kilometer strip has historically been a flashpoint.

His assertion that Egypt will not succumb to what he describes as the schemes of “extremist Israeli leaders” reflects Egypt’s irritation with this specific issue, which according to such statements, could potentially reshape the dynamics of Egyptian-Israeli relations.

The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) are expected to soon attempt to control this corridor as they expand their military operations against Hamas in Rafah.

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