Elefsina Shipyards: The draft law for the consolidation was submitted

The news for the Elefsina shipyards in Greece seems to be positive as the draft law for the sanitation of the shipyards was submitted.

Specifically, according to a recent announcement by the Greek Ministry of Development and Investments:

“The Draft Law of the Ministry of Development & Investments entitled “Remediation of the Elefsina Shipyards and other provisions of a developmental nature” was submitted on Monday, July 25, which seeks to provide authorization to the Minister of Development & Investments for the unified participation of the State as a creditor in attempted remediation of the Elefsina Shipyards.

The legislative initiative ensures the direct and unified participation of the State in the process of restructuring the second largest Shipyard in the country in order to pave the way for the attraction of significant investment funds, the payment of the due wages and compensations to the employees – whose jobs are absolutely guaranteed – and restarting the operation of the Shipyards on a sustainable basis.

The benefits are expected to be significant and on several levels:

  • For the State, from the recovery of existing claims from the shipyard operator to the securing of new tax revenues and insurance contributions that will arise as a result of their re-operation.
  • For the National Defense by servicing the Navy’s shipbuilding needs.
  • For the Greek Economy from the rebirth of yet another important unit of the shipbuilding industry which is going to cover the increased needs of shipbuilding and maintenance, not only from our country but also from the wider region, creating an additional 1,400 new jobs (in addition to the current employees) and making productive use of the accumulated know-how and existing means of the Shipyards.
  • For the region of Western Attica from the preservation of the existing ones and the creation of hundreds of new jobs and the general economic activity of the Shipyards, which is going to have a significant developmental and social footprint in the region.

The debate on the Draft Law in the Committee on Production and Trade will begun on Wednesday, July 27.

The passing of the Draft Law in the Plenary Session of the Parliament is expected to be completed at the beginning of the work of the Parliament, at the beginning of September”, says the announcement.

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