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EMB-145H Erieye | “Support program of Mission System and Related Equipment”


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According to a recent announcement of the Hellenic (Greek) Air Force and the program with number 6ED36-132 The support program of the valuable flying radars of Hellenic Air Force, the EMB-145H Erieye aircraft begin.

Specifically, the Greek Air Force announced for the EMB-145H Erieye:

“Having in mind the provisions of articles 6 and 31 of Law 3978/11, we invite for open, non-binding participation of the interested economic entities in a technical dialogue on the text of the Armed Forces Specification entitled as ” Continuous Support System of the Mission System (Mission System MS) EMB-145H and Related Equipment »

Greek EMB-145H ERIEYE - PHOTO: Air Force (HAF Spokesman Flickr)
Greek EMB-145H ERIEYE – PHOTO: Hellenic Air Force (HAF Spokesman Flickr)

The object of Support of the Specification of the Hellenic Armed Forces is distinguished in the following systems:

a. Mission System:

(1) RADAR – Command & Control (C2).
(2) Friend or Foe Identification (IFF).
(3) Electronic Support Measures System (ESM).
(4) Self Protection System (SPS).
(5) Communication System.

b. Related Mission System Equipment:

(1) Mission Training System / Planning & Debriefing System
(MTS / PDS).
(2) ESM Ground Support System (EGSS).
(3) Depot Aperture Tuning Equipment (DATE).
(4) Software Support Center (SSC).
(5) Test Benches of DLIP, IFF, V / UHF.
(6) Ground Support Equipment (GSE). “

It states the announcement of the Hellenic Air Force based on the official document posted on Diavgeia program.

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