Erdogan: “They are trying to turn the Red Sea into a sea of blood”


Ankara, Turkey – In a new statement that will be widely discussed, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan strongly criticized the military actions of the USA and the United Kingdom in Yemen against the Houthis, describing them as a blatant abuse of power aimed at turning the Red Sea region into a “blood-soaked” sea.

Addressing the media after Friday prayers in Istanbul, Erdogan was forthright in his words. “All that has happened is a disproportionate use of force,” he stated, expressing his disapproval of the aerial and naval raids carried out overnight by US and British forces across Yemen. These attacks were in retaliation against the Houthi forces, supported by Iran, targeting ships in the Red Sea.

Erdogan expressed serious concerns about the escalation of the situation, declaring, “Right now, they are trying to turn the Red Sea into a sea of blood”. He emphasized that the Houthis in Yemen, with Iran’s support, are preparing a robust response to the United States and Britain in the region, taking a clear stance in favor of the Houthis.

Although a member of NATO, Turkey has long criticized Israel’s actions in Gaza against Hamas, as well as any action involving Western countries, regardless of the context. This stance aligns with the extreme rhetoric prevalent in much of the political and social fabric of the neighboring country and includes views far removed from International Law and closer to extreme Islamist views.

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