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Ersin Tatar got stressed again by Menendez’s statement about Cyprus

ersin tatar got stressed by menendezs statement about cyprus scaled e
Ersin Tatar got stressed again by Menendez's statement about Cyprus - GEOPOLITIKI.COM

Ersin Tatar got stressed by Menendez’s statement that he wants to see the last Turkish soldier leave Cyprus and he made statements to show how “good” the Turkish occupation forces are for the island.

Specifically, Turkey’s pawn in the Occupied Territories of Cyprus stated:

“The Turkish soldiers are on the island for peace. They have no other purpose or intention. The statement of a senator who came from the U.S. and received a medal from the Greeks because he was a member of a lobbying activity does not bind us.

This rhetoric is completely empty, groundless, far from the reality of Cyprus. Therefore, it is not possible to respect such a statement. We condemn it,” Tatar said and added that “the presence of the Turkish Armed Forces here and the provision of security is of vital importance to us. It’s necessary and it’s our red line.”

We recall that during his visit to Cyprus, U.S. Senator Bob Menendez referred to Turkey’s efforts to partition the island and stated that the threats against the sovereignty of the Republic of Cyprus remain important, stressing that his goal is to see the last Turkish soldier leave Cyprus.



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