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F-117 Nighthawks spotted over Los Angeles with a KC-135

F NighthawksspottedoverLosAngeleswithaKC

A photographer Matt Hartman published a photo that proves that two F-117 Nighthawks stealth aircraft were spotted over Los Angeles.

The Nighthawk originally saw combat during Operation Just Cause in 1989, when two F-117s from the 37th TFW attacked military targets in Panama. The aircraft was also in action during Operation Desert Shield.

The U.S. Air Force’s Air Mobility Command (AMC) has issued a formal order that all KC-135 Stratotankers are cleared to proceed aerial refueling operations with F-117 Nighthawks.

According to Matt Hartman, two F-117 Nighthawks stealth aircraft flew together with a U.S. Air Force KC-135R aerial refueling tanker over Los Angeles International Airport

The Nighthawks retired on April 22, 2008

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