Home NEWS FAKE NEWS By Turkish Media: “Greek A-7s are battle-ready”

FAKE NEWS By Turkish Media: “Greek A-7s are battle-ready”

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A Turkish analyst in a recent post cited an image showing a Greek A-7 Corsair II located in a shelter or in a specially designed space. The Turkish analyst states that this photo is proof that Greece is still keeping its A-7s ready for war and in case of war they will be battle-ready.

However, the photo that the analyst quotes most likely shows a maintenance area where the A-7 entered for its preparation as a museum exhibit as the specific aircraft were first put into Greek service in the mid-1970s.

Obviously, the country may maintain a number of A-7s in case of long-lasting extreme hostilities, but this photo shared by the Turkish analyst is not proof of such a claim. The A-7 Corsair II fighter jets have been retired since 2014, having already served Greece worthily all these years and their future has already been decided.



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