FDI HN: “Upgraded capabilities to intercept enemy anti-ship missiles”

The Greek Defense Minister, Nikos Panagiotopoulos, revealed details about the new frigates of the Hellenic Navy FDI HN (Belharra).

In response to a question about electromagnetic interference systems in Hellenic Navy frigates, he stated:

In response to MP Mr. Kyriakos Velopoulos question on “ECM electromagnetic interference systems against enemy missiles on Hellenic Navy frigates,” I know the following:

FDI HN: "Upgraded capabilities to intercept enemy anti-ship missiles"

In order to deal with anti-ship guided missiles, combined tactics are applied in the field, with priority given to the use of weapons for the destruction of the threat and, where appropriate, interference systems (Electronic Counter Measures – ECM).

FDI HN: "Upgraded capabilities to intercept enemy anti-ship missiles"
PHOTO: Copyright © Γενικό Επιτελείο Εθνικής Άμυνας (Geetha.mil.gr)

Regarding the ECM, in the framework of the program of modernization of the units of the Hellenic Navy, it is foreseen the upgrade of the possibilities of electronic warfare means with the acquisition of ESM devices and the corresponding upgrade of the existing ECM systems, which are installed in MEKO type Frigates and Elli (Kortenaer) class Frigates. However, this program has a “classified” rating, and therefore no further details can be disclosed, let alone through the present procedure.

FDI HN: "Upgraded capabilities to intercept enemy missiles"
Photo by mod.mil.gr

Regarding the Electronic Counter Counter Measures (ECCM), the existing radars and fire-control system (FCS) of all the impact units of the Navy, have high capabilities ECCM.

Finally, FDI type Frigate will have from the beginning upgraded capabilities to intercept enemy anti-ship missiles, while the built-in ECCM will be state of the art, but further information falls into a “classified” rating and can not be released publicly”.

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