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Fishermen’s War in the English Channel between UK & France

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A new crisis has erupted in the English Channel between France and the United Kingdom over fishermen’s rights as the two countries pose threats to each other.

In particular, France has threatened to would take action against the United Kingdom from Tuesday, including stricter controls on ships and cargo as Britain, contrary to what has been agreed, issues fewer licenses to the French fishermen to fish in British waters.

Britain, responding to French allegations, said it is issuing licenses to those who can prove they had been fishing there before.

The already tense situation escalated last week when France seized the British ship Cornelis Gert Jan in French waters near Le Havre, saying it did not have the necessary papers.

“The French have made completely absurd threats to the Channel Islands and our fishing industry and they must withdraw those threats, otherwise we will use the mechanisms of our trade agreement with the EU,” the British Foreign Secretary Liz Truss said on Monday.

“The French have behaved unfairly. It is not within the terms of the trade agreement. And if someone behaves unfairly in a deal, you have the right to take action against them and look for countermeasures. And we will do that if the French won’t back down. This issue must be resolved within the next 48 hours. ” she added.

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