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Greece SCRAMBLES fighter jets as Turkey violates again Athens FIR

Hellenic Air Force

A total of eight aircraft of the Turkish Air Force proceeded yesterday in 13 violations of the Athens FIR.

All Turkish aircraft were identified and intercepted by Greek fighter jets, in accordance with international rules, as with established practice.

It is worth noting that the violations of national airspace by Turkey take place at a time when Greece & Turkey are affected by huge fires that are burning much of the country.

It is recalled that yesterday, while the Turkish air force was violating Greek airspace, the Turkish Minister of Defense in a conference with officials of the Turkish Armed Forces said that Greece is threatening at a time when Turkey is facing the great destruction caused by the recent fires.

It seems that Turkey, no matter what it says about good neighbourliness and peaceful solutions, does not intend to change its consistent aggressive tactics, as evidenced by the contradictory attitude of the Turkish Minister of Defense.

With continuing this aggressive attitude from the Turkish Foreign Minister that spoke of “alleged oppression of the Muslim minority” in Greece at a time that Greece that currently battles its own wildfires, offered help to Turkey.

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