Greek Army «Snow Leopards» | LEO1A5 Tank Exercise close to the Turkish border

Greek Leopard 1A5 in winter camo


In a move that sends the necessary messages to Turkey, the Hellenic Army General Staff published video and photos from an exercise of the Greek 4th Army Corps in Thrace, with LEO1A5 tanks of the Greek army painted in winter camouflage.

Χειμερινή Επιχειρησιακή Εκπαίδευση Μονάδων Δ΄ ΣΣ

The Hellenic Army General Staff announced:

“On January 11 and January 12, 2022, Units of the Greek 4th Army Corps executed operational training in snow-covered terrain and under severe cold conditions, taking advantage of the bad weather conditions prevailing in the area.

The operational training included, among others, regular exercises with Motorized Units and Artillery. ” concludes the announcement of the Hellenic Army General Staff (ΓΕΣ).

Greek Artillery M109 PHOTO: ARMY.GR (ΓΕΣ)

This exercise is also a good reminder to Turkey by Greece that not only the RAFALE and the Frigates are a deterrent, but also the powerful motorized units of the country wherein the hands of the officers of the Greek 4th Army Corps can strike any adversary in the region.

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