Greek Leopard-2HEL tanks won US M1 Abrams at Tank Challenge 2021


U.S. Army photo by Staff Sgt. Jennifer Reynolds

The winner of the Hellenic Tank Challenge 2021 was declared as the Leopard2-HEL of the Greek Army against the US Army, during the exercises with the final phase of the exercise taking place yesterday at Petrochori Range, Triantafyllides Camp, Greece.

Greek Leopard-2HEL tanks won US M1 Abrams at Tank Challenge 2021
Photo By Greek Army

The exercise started on November 1, 2021 and has lasted until today, with France, Bulgaria, Germany, Cyprus, the United Arab Emirates and Jordan participating as observers.

Photo By Greek Army

The Greek side participated in the exercise with Leopard2A6 HEL & Leopard2a4 main battle tanks with the USA participating with M1 Abrams.

The Commander of the Hellenic 1st Army, Lieutenant General Petros Demestichas, stated:

“It is very important to cooperate with the United States armed forces, as well as with any of our allies because it gives us the opportunity to exchange views and ideas, tactics and techniques… We know that if in the future we need to act together we can and will do it successfully,” he concluded in his statements.

The US Army Captain stressed among other things that it was an excellent competition, very difficult but the most important thing is that ” it gave us the opportunity to see how the Greek army fights, how it is trained and the techniques and procedures it follows”


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