GREEK RAFALE ARMED WITH METEOR: The Terminators of the Turkish F16s

GREEK RAFALE ARMED WITH METEOR: The Terminators of the Turkish F16s

As part of the upgrade of the Greek Rafales to the F3-R version, the French air force has already carried out the first operational flight of a Rafale equipped with METEOR missiles.

This flight made it possible for the manufacturers to validate the equipment procedures of this missile on board and confirmed that with the arrival of the first Greek RAFALE in June, the Turkish obsolete F16 and F4 immediately pass into the timeline of history.

What’s that for?

We will not tell you why, but we will leave the retired Turkish Colonel Osman Bashibuyuk, who, having served for many years in the Turkish Air Force in an interview stated that:

” Thanks to the AESA radar, the RAFALE will detect the Turkish F-16 before the Turkish operator can understand it, resulting in the RAFALE locking it, and thanks to the range of the Meteor missile, the Rafale will shoot down the F16without the Turkish being able to react. “

“This advantage you know what it can do?

In a possible conflict, the Hellenic Air Force will have absolute air superiority,” the Turkish colonel’s statement to the Independent concluded, revealing a small sample of what RAFALE is capable of carrying out.

The French describe this missile as a real “game-changer”, saying METEOR brings an important skill privilege to Rafale, enhancing the ability to “take the lead” in an unprecedented way.

Turkey recently announced it would upgrade its F-16s by extending their lifespan from 8,000 flight hours to 12,000 in an effort to have at least some jet fighters flying.

But here we’ll tell you what we think…

With 18 RAFALE and 85+ F16 Viper armed without counting the rest of Greek Air Force fighters, Turkish jet fighters will only be able to scramble just to get shoot down by the greek jet fighters.

Our opinion we would advise Turkey to step back before things turn out very badly for the country in the region & return to reality.