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GREEK RAFALE ARMED WITH METEOR: The Terminators of the Turkish F16s


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The first operational flight of a Rafale armed with METEOR missiles as part of the upgrade of Greek Rafale to the F3-R variant.

This flight allowed the makers to check the equipment functions for this missile on board and confirmed that with the appearance of the first RAFALE fighter jets, the Turkish obsolete F16 and F4 will fast pass into the timeline of history.

According to an ex-Turkish colonel’s comments to the Independent, the Hellenic Air Force “will have absolute air supremacy” in an aerial battle.

METEOR is described as a “game-changer” by the French, who believe it enhances Rafale’s capacity to “take the lead” in a new and unique way.

Turkey is trying to prolong the lifespan of its ageing F-16 fleets in a last attempt to keep at least some jet fighters in the air.

Check the video and check also a newer article on this subject

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