Hamas Spokesperson Abu Hamza: “We Will Not Surrender” in the Gaza Strip Conflict


In a strikingly resolute message, Abu Hamza, the military spokesperson for Hamas’ Al-Quds Brigades, has made it clear that Hamas will not yield to Israel in the ongoing Gaza Strip conflict. “We will not surrender, nor will we raise the white flag, regardless of how long the battle endures,” he stated emphatically.

He criticized the Israeli air force’s bombardment of civilian areas, labeling these acts as cowardly. The heart of the issue, according to Hamza, is not the eradication of resistance or the freedom of Israeli hostages. Rather, he portrayed the conflict as a “vendetta” by Israel against the Palestinian people.

Urging the world to take notice, Abu Hamza called for the support of the international community, singling out Yemen, Lebanon, Iraq, and the Iranian axis of resistance. His words painted a stark picture of the organization’s military operations, claiming that Hamas’ forces have destroyed many Israel Defense Forces (IDF) vehicles and caused significant IDF personnel losses.

Hamza also touched on the subject of Israeli prisoners. He suggested that their release would only be possible through a process of total cease-fire and peace negotiations. Any military-based attempts by Israel to free the captives, he warned, would be futile. “Even if all the forces on Earth were united, and indeed they have been, they would not be able to free even one Zionist captive from Gaza,” he said.

This message from Abu Hamza is a bold one, signifying a new tenor in the group’s rhetoric. It is a tone that is not only confrontational but also one that is set to define the next stage of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

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