“INTERNATIONAL SPACE STATION COLLAPSES” – Russia will launch a new one


The International Space Station (ISS) was expected to be operational till 2030, but there are indications that it may not be operational by then. Russia has said it may launch its own space station in 2024 to replace the ISS.

The proposed new Russian replacement will consist of three to seven units, with a crew of up to four people.

Moscow plans were unveiled by Vladimir Solovyov, the first deputy general designer for RSC Energia, the company that manages the Russian division of the ISS.

In his opinion, many elements of the international station are already worn out and this situation will worsen by 2025. “By 2025, Russia has an obligation to participate in the ISS program,” Solovyov explained to the Russian Academy of Sciences.

“There are already some sections that have suffered serious damage and are out of order. Many of them are not replaceable.

“After 2025, we anticipate a very massive deterioration of many ISS components.” he stated.

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