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ISIS attacks Iraq’s Kirkuk and security forces win the battle

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ISIS attacks Iraq's Kirkuk and security forces win the battle - GEOPOLITIKI.COM

In the early hours of Tuesday, the Iraqi security forces repelled an attack carried out by ISIS affiliates south of Kirkuk.

The Security Media Cell in the Iraqi Joint Operations Command announced, after midnight on Monday/Tuesday, that the Iraqi police forces repelled an attack by ISIS on its forces south of the city of Kirkuk (north of Baghdad).

A statement by the Security Media Cell stated, “A force from the Fifth Division of the Federal Police managed to kill a terrorist who tried to attack him and a terrorist group at one of the points of the Third Regiment within the sector of responsibility in the south of Kirkuk governorate.”

The statement stated that the security forces began chasing this group.
The Iraqi province of Kirkuk is witnessing continuous military operations to pursue ISIS remnants on an almost daily basis, with the aim of controlling security and limiting the organization’s movements against the security forces and civilian gatherings.



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