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ISRAELI F35s Flying above Cyprus – Joint Exercise with National Guard


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The joint exercise “Onisilos-Gideon” of the National Guard with the armed forces of Israel is in full swing.

Dozens of crossings in the Cypriot airspace, specifically over the province of Paphos, were carried out during the day by state-of-the-art F35 fighter jets of the Israeli Air Force, participating in the annual Cyprus-Israel cooperation exercise under the name “Onisilos – Gideon”.

As part of the exercise, which began today and ends the day after Thursday, the National Guard’s air defense was fully developed.

The exercise is carried out within the Nicosia FIR and in a large part of the land area of ​​the Republic of Cyprus, and it involves ground and air means of the National Guard and the Israeli Armed Forces.

These are annual military cooperation exercises, which are conducted within the framework of the military cooperation program of the Republic of Cyprus with Israel.

Multiple and complex security scenarios will be considered, which may be challenged by both countries in the wider Eastern Mediterranean region.

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