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Israeli Tank Fire Hits Egyptian Military Position: IDF claims it was a mistake


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In a recent and unexpected development at the Israel-Egypt border, Israeli armed forces accidentally struck an Egyptian military position a few hours ago. The incident occurred near the border area of Kerem Shalom when, according to a spokesperson for the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF), an Israeli Merkava tank mistakenly fired and hit an Egyptian position.

IDF Spokesperson, Daniel Hagari, hurried to clarify the situation surrounding the unfortunate event. Specifically, he said, “An IDF tank mistakenly fired a short while ago and hit an Egyptian position near the border in the area of Kerem Shalom. The incident is being investigated and the details are being examined. The Israeli army regrets the incident,” stated Hagari.

Accidental Israeli Tank Fire Hits Egyptian Military Position

So far, there are unconfirmed reports from Egyptian media of at least nine injured Egyptian soldiers caused by this strike from the Israeli tank. The situation at the border remains tense as authorities from both sides are expected to start discussions to understand the circumstances surrounding this event.

The Israeli Army and the Israeli Ministry of Defense rushed to apologize through their announcements as well as on Twitter.

The Spokesperson of the Egyptian army stated: “During the ongoing clashes in the Gaza Strip today, Sunday, 22/10/2023, one of the outposts of the Egyptian border was mistakenly hit by fragments of a shell from an Israeli tank, resulting in minor injuries to some border guards. The Israeli side immediately expressed its regret for the unintentional incident, which occurred and the circumstances of the event are being investigated.”

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