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John Cockerill interested in modernizing the Greek Leopard 1A5 tanks

Modernizing the Hellenic Army’s fleet of approximately 500 Leopard 1A5 tanks is one component of the larger objective of modernizing the Greek Main Battle Tanks, which has been designated as a priority by the Hellenic Army General Staff.

Regarding this issue, John Cockerill has made a second visit to the Hellenic Army General Staff HQ.

The Greek Ministry of Defence stated:

“On Tuesday 4 April 23, a presentation was made to Hellenic Army General Staff by representatives of John Cockerill Defence on the modernization of the Leopard 1A5 tank turret,” the statement concludes.

John Cockerill intrested in modernizing the Greek Leopard 1A5 tanks
Photo: Hellenic Army General Staff

John Cockerill has a lot of experience improving main battle tanks and armored vehicles, like the Leopard 1 and has proposed projects like a full replacement of the Leopard 1 turret.

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