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KF-41 Lynx: Presentation at the Hellenic Army General Staff


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The Hellenic Army General Staff has now officially expressed interest in the KF-41 Lynx Infantry Fighting Vehicle (IFV).

More specifically, the Hellenic Army General Staff reports in a statement:

“On Friday, May 20, 2022, a presentation was made to the staff of the Hellenic Army General Staff by representatives of the company RHEINMETALL, regarding the KF-41 LYNX Infantry Fighting Vehicle” the statement announced.

KF-41 Lynx: Presentation at the Hellenic Army General Staff
Photo by By Wolpat, CC BY-SA 4.0

The Lynx KF41 is a new generation infantry fighting vehicle developed by Rheinmetall Defense.

The combat vehicle is equipped with active, passive and reactive defense systems to offer protection against both RPG and guided anti-tank missiles (ATGMs) as noted by army-technology.

According to this announcement and other related statements that have been made in the past by the Ministry of National Defense of Greece, Greece appears to have a clear interest in the KF-41 Lynx.

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