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Kurds attack Turkish soldiers – Turkish retaliation

Turkish soldiers (PKK)
PHOTO: Kurdishstruggle (FlickR)

According to the Turkish Ministry of Defense, at least three Turkish soldiers were killed in an attack in northern Iraq by Kurdish fighters.

Specifically referring to the PKK, the ministry announced on Thursday that “three of our brave soldiers were killed in an attack organized by terrorists in northern Iraq.”

In retaliation, Turkish fighter jets attacked PKK positions and “neutralized” at least six Kurdish fighters, the Turkish ministry said in a statement, adding that a military offensive was underway in the area.

Regular military operations against the PKK in northwestern Iraq by Turkish forces have increased tensions in the country’s relations with the Iraqi central government in Baghdad as Turkey illegally invades state territory and conducts military operations.

Earlier this year, the Turkish parliament approved an extension of military operations in Iraq and Syria for another two years.

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