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Kurds say that PKK snipers killed 3 Turkish soldiers in Iraq

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PHOTO: KurdishStruggle

According to Kurdish unconfirmed sources, PKK Kurds most likely snipers executed three Turkish soldiers in the Avashin region and wounded another on Monday.

Turkey has not confirmed it yet but it is known that the Turks currently have deployed forces in the region of Avashin and Zab.

Fierce fighting has been taking place for several days in these regions where the Turkish armed forces’ effort to eliminate PKK enclaves in Iraqi Kurdistan with the tolerance of Iraq itself is concentrated.

Commenting on the Turkish attack, Avashin resident Meha Zoro told hawarnews that the silence of the international community and the Iraqi Kurdistan Command in the run-up to the attacks means they are cooperating with the Turkish occupiers.

“The attacks are part of the new conspiracy plans of the Turkish state and its partners. Their aim is to break the relationship between the four parts of Kurdistan.

The region of Avashin is of great importance to the Kurds. The rebel forces will defeat the invaders as they did on Mount Gare,” said the resident of Avashin.



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