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North Korea conducted a new test of a MLRS


North Korea conducted a successful test of a large MLRS on Thursday (October 31), according to the official NK news agency, KCNA, which released the results today.

It was the first time a weapon system had been tested since North Korea stated on October 2nd that it had successfully tested a missile capable of launching underwater (SLBM).

As reported by KCNA, the test carried out yesterday was intended to “validate the safe operation of continuous launcher firing.” According to the news agency, Kim Jongun expressed “pleasure” and “congratulations” to the scientists who worked on the weapon system, among other things.

The identical weapon system had previously been tested in August and December of the previous year. According to the Korean Central News Agency (KCNA), this “continuous fire system” is capable of “totally eliminating” a target group with a single unexpected strike.

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According to unconfirmed Greek media reports, Lockheed Martin has submitted a proposal to Greece for four fully outfitted LCS for the price of two Belharra, with delivery taking two years less time than Belhara.

Although Lockheed’s idea is intriguing, the Greek government will take into consideration what France will do to assist the country as well as the United States’ position in the Eastern Mediterranean.

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The U.S. recognized the Armenian Genocide.


The House of Representatives overwhelmingly passed the United States’ resolution commemorating the Armenian genocide that occurred a century ago, in a symbolic but historic step that is certain to exacerbate relations with Turkey in the coming months.

The House of Representatives, which is controlled by Democrats, voted 405 to 11 in favor of a resolution declaring that the United States would memorialize the 1.5 million Armenians who were killed by the Ottoman Empire between 1915 and 1923.

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Serbia bought Pantsir-S air defence systems

Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic confirmed the purchase by Serbia of a Pantsir-S, noting that delivery is expected to happen in the near future.

Serbia bought Pantsir-S air defence systems
Photo by Dmitriy Fomin Serbia bought Pantsir-S air defence systems

“We recently purchased a Pantsir-S system, as you are aware. As a result of our purchase, we can anticipate its arrival in the near future in our nation, “According to the Serbian Defense Ministry, Vucic made the remarks on Friday.

This year’s Slavic Shield joint military drill between Russia and Serbia is being held at Batajnica Air Base in Belgrade, and Vucic made an appearance there on Friday.

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Zoran Zaev calls for snap elections


According to the French news agency AFP, the EU’s “blockade” of Skopje’s accession negotiations lasted only a few hours before Prime Minister Zoran Zaev called for elections.

“The historical mistake of Europe,” as European officials have dubbed it, has generated political shocks in Skopje, with Zoran Zaev considering resignation scenarios since its inception. In a televised speech, Zaev stated, “I propose speedy elections in which you, the public, will decide the direction we will pursue.”



In a recent live interview, Donald Trump said that the PKK posed a greater threat than ISIS. According to him, he no longer has any interest in this issue; Russia and Iran should handle it themselves.

PKK photo
Photo by Kurdishstruggle D. TRUMP: PKK IS WORSE THAN ISIS

According to him, some soldiers will remain in the region to maintain control and avoid falling into the hands of ISIS once more.

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Hulusi Akar Claims Other Nations’ Lands


The Turkish defense minister Hulusi Akar published a map of all of Turkey’s “dream” territory on his Facebook page.

There are regions and even countries on the map that have no relation to Turkey at all.

hulusi akar photo
Photo by Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Hulusi Akar Claims Other Nations' Lands

Akar dreams of a Turkey that extends from the Balkans to nearly half of Asia.

It’s noteworthy that Hulusi Akar even claims as Turkish lands, Bosnia as a whole, half of Greece and Bulgaria, sections of Romania, Russia, and Ukraine, Armenia, Kazakhstan, and Mongolia, among other territories.

In this post by the Turkish minister, Turkey’s confrontational behaviour has gone well beyond the limits.

CIA’s C130 is flying above Syria

CIA C-130 photo
Photo by probabilistic CIA's C130 is flying above Syria

The C130 of the CIA was recently photographed flying over Syria without a flight plan. The same plane has been used for the departures of diplomats. Arrival could be linked to the departure of the US military from Syria….

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Syrian & Russian Forces a Step Away From Turkey

In the morning, Syrian forces occupied a number of Kurdish-controlled cities following the agreement with the Kurds.

It is important to note that the contact line with Afrin was also handed over. At the same time, the Russian military police in Syria has rapidly spread and is currently at the border with Turkey.

The US is completely withdrawing from Syria. They even seem to have agreed with the Russians to cover them while they are leaving.



The US President Donald Trump just said that the process of inflicting sanctions against Turkey is finally beginning for both the Kurds and the S-400