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Fighting between Assad and SDF


Fighting between Assad and SDF break out as Assad’s soldiers opened fire on the Syrian Democratic Forces Kurdish Forces, prompting the SDF to retaliate by beginning clashes in return. A training exercise was taking place near the point of the fight between Russian, Syrian, and Iranian forces.

It’s important to remember that the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) are an ally of the Nato Coalition in Syria.

There is approximately 50% of Syria under the hands of the Kurds, who make up the majority of the group.

BrahMos: Successful shot at 290 km

BrahMos: Successful shot at 290 km
India Brahmos

India fired a successful shot of the BrahMos anti-ship missile as it struck its target at 290 km.

India and Russia are seeking to further extend the missile’s range and to test its ability to hit the target at a distance of about 500 km. The increase in missile range was made possible after India’s introduction of the missile control regime (MTCR) in 2016. 

The BrahMos anti-ship missile hit its target at a distance of 290 kilometres. India and Russia are attempting to extend the missile’s range even further and to demonstrate its potential to attack a target at a distance of approximately 500 kilometres. The advent of India’s missile control regime (MTCR) in 2016 made it possible to extend the range of the country’s nuclear weapons.
According to the DRDO, work on a new version of the missile with a range of up to 800 kilometres is now underway.

Turkish UAV flew above Greek islands

Turkish UAV flew above Greek islands

A Turkish UAV of the Bayraktar type flew several times above Imia islet yesterday.

According to Turkey, these islands are not mentioned in the agreements.

According to Turkey, the islands’ dominance is still unclear and must be determined through agreement.

Unless otherwise stated in Article 12 of the Treaty of Lausanne, the islands less than three miles from Turkey’s coast remain Turkish. Imia islands are located 3.7 nautical miles off the coast of Turkey.

According to Article 15 of the same Treaty, Turkey grants Italy the Dodecanese islands “and the islands that depend on them” (including Imia). The Dodecanese were later granted to Greece by Italy as part of the Treaty of Paris in 1947.

Khan Sheikhoun Has Been Captured by the Syrian Army!


As of Thursday afternoon, the Syrian Arab Army High Command announced their victory in the short battle for Khan Sheikhoun.

Khan Sheikhoun was fully secured on Wednesday after the Syrian Arab Army entered the city from all axes; this was followed by a comprehensive combing operation to remove all explosives and militants from the city.

Even though the Syrian Army did not officially declare possession of Khan Sheikhoun until Thursday, all of Hay’at Tahrir Al-Sham and Jaysh Al-militants Izza’s had already evacuated the southern half of the city by that day.

In large part, the Syrian Army’s swift conquest of Talat Al-Nimr, a key strategic hilltop, explains why Khan Sheikhoun fell to them.

Talat Al-Nimr is a big hill that provides a sweeping view of Khan Sheikhoun’s northern section as well as the Hama-Idlib Road (var. M-5 Highway).

Militants abandoned their strongholds in Khan Sheikhoun following the loss of their most vital supply line, and retreated to the Ta’manah area before the enclave was closed by the Syrian Army on Wednesday.

Several locations south of Khan Sheikhoun would be taken over by the Syrian Arab Army the following day.
They’ll likely rely on Turkish forces for protection and an evacuation from this area of northern Hama, which has no other options.

Police raided a “Neo-Nazi” camp in Italy, seizing anti-air missiles, weapons, and Nazi symbols.

Police raided a "Neo-Nazi" camp in Italy, seizing anti-air missiles, weapons, and Nazi symbols.

Three men, including one with ties to a neo-fascist political organization in Italy, have been seized by a police raid in northern Italy after a large cache of automatic firearms, Nazi-themed material, and a three-meter missile was discovered in a “Neo-Nazi” camp.

The neo-fascist Forza Nuova party’s senate candidate in 2001, Fabio Del Bergiolo, was unsuccessful, according to a statement released by the Turin police on Monday.

Nine assault weapons, nearly 30 hunting rifles, pistols, and bayonets, as well as ammo and antique Nazi plaques with swastikas, were found in his Gallarate home by authorities.

Most likely, all three were involved in the sale of these weapons in some capacity. Terrorism and organized crime are the main focus of the Digos police force. It was in charge of the operation from Turin, with the help of police from Forli, Milan, Novara, and Varese as backup and support.

The 245-kilogram (540-pound) Mantra Super 530 F missile was recovered by police throughout the course of the operation, according to authorities. They also discovered automatic assault guns of the “latest generation,” according to the report.

The Bulgarian army is looking for new armored vehicles

As of February 2019, the Bulgarian Ministry of Defense announced that the purchase of 150 new wheeled armored vehicles for the country’s mechanized brigade would be postponed. The end of December 2019 is the target date for the Bulgarian army to select a winner for the new armored vehicles.

Proposals to spend €1.75 billion on rearmament plans were put out by the Bulgarian defense ministry between 2017 and 2029. A total of €610 million will be spent on the procurement of modern combat planes, multi-purpose modular patrol vessels, and military equipment for the ground forces, all at a cost of €750 million.

The BTR-60PB 8×8 troop carrier and the BRDM-2 4×4 armored vehicles are two examples of the Soviet-made wheeled armored vehicles now used by the Bulgarian armed forces. BTR-60PB-MD was constructed as part of this endeavor and boasts a new engine, an improved hull design that includes side doors, and an increased level of protection.

The Bulgarian army is looking for new armored vehicles
Photo By Srđan Popović – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=68047910

The Piranha 5 from General Dynamics European Land Systems, the AMV from Patria, the Boxer from ARTEC (Rheinmetall Krauss-Maffei Wegmann), the VBCI from Nexter, and the AMV from General Dynamics European Land Systems will be displayed by the four selected candidates.

There is a deadline of December 20, 2019, set by the Defense Ministry for an interdepartmental working committee to review and evaluate the proposals that have been submitted. For a total of twelve years, the contract will be implemented.

KOSOVO banned entry of citizens with Serbian passports!

KOSOVO banned entry of citizens with Serbian passports!

“Entries and exits between Kosovo and Serbia will be made only with ID cards,” RTK reported citing government officials.

According to the Kosovan authorities the decision was based on the Pristina-Belgrade agreement reached in Brussels in 2011 on free movement of citizens.

The passport is not recognised as a travel document between the two countries under the Brussels agreement, Kosovo’s interior minister, Ekrem Mustafa, was cited as saying.

The new border police measure will affect citizens of central Serbia who travel via Kosovo to Albania and Montenegro.

Serbian Prime Minister Ana Brnabic in her reaction to the decision said that not allowing Serbian citizens to enter Kosovo with Serbian passports was the best indicator that Kosovo “is a quasi state with chaotic political situation.”

“Pristina is just looking for ways to harass citizens for no reason, taking anti-European moves,” director of the Serbia’s Office for Kosovo Marko Djuric said.

USS Porter DDG78 setting course for Black Sea

USS Porter DDG78 setting course for Black Sea
USS Porter DDG78 setting course for Black Sea

The Arleigh Burke-class AEGIS guided-missile destroyer USS Porter DDG78, forward-deployed to Rota, transits the Bosphorus toward the Black Sea on its seventh patrol in the U.S. 6th Fleet AoR in support of regional allies and partners.

USS Porter DDG78 setting course for Black Sea

Thousands of anti-government protesters continue to flood the Romanian capital

Thousands of anti-government protesters continue to flood the Romanian capital

Thousands of anti-government demonstrators continue to swarm the Romanian capital, shouting “PSD is the red plague” and referring to the government as “criminals” and “thieves.”

Words are projected on the surrounding buildings as well.

In Gaza, four-armed Palestinians were killed by the Israeli army.

Israeli army claimed responsibility for the deaths of four heavily armed Palestinians who attempted to cross the Gaza border and throw a grenade at its troops early on Saturday.

After regular mass protests began in March 2018, clashes have been common along the Gaza border, but Saturday’s exchange was unusual due to Palestinian involvement in the use of heavy weapons.

An army statement said that the terrorists had AK-47 assault rifles, RPG grenade launchers, and hand grenades.

One of the terrorists scaled the barrier and threw a grenade at soldiers, according to a spokeswoman.

There were no Israeli casualties in this incident.

The Israeli army has responded violently and fatally to Palestinian demonstrations at the Gaza border calling for the lifting of Israel’s more than a decade-old blockade.

Israel has killed more than 300 Palestinians since March 2018, the majority of them during protests in Gaza and the border area.

In addition, seven Israelis were killed.

In recent months, the intensity of the protests has decreased following an UN-Egyptian truce.

In exchange for peace along the border, Israel agreed to ease some of its blockade measures.

The Israeli army has claimed that most of the attacks have been carried out by lone wolves.

Assault rifles and hand grenades were brought into Israel from Gaza by a Palestinian who wanted to avenge the death of his brother, who was killed by Israeli fire on August 1. A soldier was killed and three Israeli soldiers were wounded, according to the Israeli military’s statement.

A major flare-up in the Palestinian territories is seen as undesirable by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as Israel prepares for a snap election on September 17, which will be Israel’s second in the current calendar year.

In the event of a significant attack, he will almost certainly be under political pressure to act decisively.

Since 2008, Israel and Hamas have engaged in three wars.

Palestinians are gearing up for the Feast of Sacrifice, Eid al-Adha when the border incident occurred.

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