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Member of Russian Duma: “We should now put Azerbaijan in its place”

Member of Russian Duma: "We should put Azerbaijan in its place" - GEOPOLITIKI.COM

The situation in Armenia is constantly deteriorating, as border battles are now almost a daily occurrence. Although not even a year has passed since the Artsakh war, Azerbaijan seems determined to fight Armenia again, as the Azerbaijani army, with the “blessings” of the Azeri President, now even attacks villages on the border between the two countries.

At the same time, Russia seems to be slowly putting aside its almost moderate stance. In fact, a member of the Russian Duma said yesterday that the actions of Azerbaijan are aimed at a just Russia and that Russia should “put Azerbaijan in its place.”

In particular, Konstantin Zatulin stated:

“Azerbaijan buys weapons from Turkey and Pakistan and wonders why the Armenians are arming themselves, why Russia is giving arms to Armenia? I consider it necessary to note that the recent actions of Azerbaijan are directed against the Russian Federation.

Azerbaijan has not even signed a power of attorney for the Russian peacekeeping force. With its challenges, Azerbaijan tries to involve Russia in any incident and then to question the presence of peacekeepers. Russia, Iran, and Armenia must work together to find ways to “put Azerbaijan in its place.”



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