MEMO in conversation with: Abdurrahman Ezz

MEMO in conversation with: Abdurrahman Ezz

As we mark 10 years on from the Arab Spring and Egypt’s 25 January uprising, join us for a live conversation with Egyptian journalist Abdurrahman Ezz, who was arrested several times under the regime of ousted President Housni Mubarak.
Ezz took part in orchestrating Egypt’s 18-day revolution which led to the overthrow of the long-time dictator and will discuss how he went from organising the revolution to living as a refugee in the UK and how the momentous event descended into unchecked brutality which saw Egypt become one of the most repressive regimes in the world.
Ezz is one of the founding members of the 6 April movement and has reported extensively for opposition newspapers. He is also the man behind one of the most iconic photos taken during the January 2011 Egyptian uprising.

Iconic photo of Abdurrahman Ezz during the Egyptian revolution 2011

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