Migrant fleeing to Greece shot dead by Turkish trafficker

Illegal trafficking of migrants was observed by the Greek police on the river Evros (on the borders with Turkey) and also in the context of the trafficking there was a murder case, possibly by the Turkish traffickers.

The Greek police press release stated:

“On Saturday, April 16, 2022, at 20:50 in the area of ​​Evros in Soufli, police officers of the Border Guard Department located a group of people boarding a plastic boat from the opposite shore for the purpose of illegal entry into the country.

In order to prevent this passage, police officers proceeded to use flashlights and voice warnings, but at that time the opposite side gunfire was heard, the direction of which could not be detected due to darkness.

To ensure their physical integrity, the Greek police officers hurried to cover themselves, firing warning shots in the air, as the shots from the opposite side continued in bursts at the same rate in an unknown direction.

When the boat arrived on the Greek shore, five of the migrants disembarked from it, while the rest returned. The four of them managed to reach the shore swimming while a woman remained floating in the water and when the police pulled her out, they found out she was dead.

The body was found to have a gunshot wound to the back right chest and was transported for an autopsy-necropsy, where from the medical examiner’s first assessment the cause of death was a shot from a very close distance using a small-calibre weapon.

The survivors, including a minor, were examined and it turned out that they had paid 2,000 euros each to traffickers in Constantinople for their transportation to Athens.

Preliminary investigation is carried out by the Alexandroupolis Security Sub-Directorate”.

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