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MILITARY EXERCISE IN RUSSIA: Robots training along with human forces


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The Russian Ministry of Defense announced that for the first time the combat robots “Uran-9” and “Nerekhta” participated in the military exercises “Zapad (West) 2021” along with human forces.

The Russian Ministry announced that in Nizhny Novgorod during a Press Conference about the military exercise.

“The “Uran-9” and “Nerekhta” reconnaissance and fire support robots were used for the first time in joint combat formations alongside army units. The robots, specifically the “Uran-9″, contributed to destroying enemy vehicles and armored vehicles from a distance of 3 to 5 kilometers through missile fire and flamethrowers”, the ministry stated.

These robots are armed with a 12.7 mm Kord machine gun and an AG-30M 30 mm grenade launcher. The Nerekhta robots are also capable of controlling fire and delivering ammunition and equipment to ground forces.

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